It's What's Inside That Matters


The MVMNT Sleep System is centered on our patented, multiple module, Swiss-made foam core.

Our design features modular, interlocking foam layers that can be easily accessed to achieve a desired level of firmness on each side. The use of free-moving modules eliminates the need for using toxic, harmful adhesives that are commonly used in most memory foam mattresses.

Performance Recovery Tech

The luxurious MVMNT topper incorporates a clinically researched formula that accelerates and improves recovery. Your body naturally emits radiant body heat. Our technology reflects that heat back into your body in the form of Far Infrared rays. The result? Increased blood flow, additional oxygen to the muscles, and accelerated muscle repair.
Proven recovery. While you rest.


Advanced Airflow Design


We designed a unique network of vertical and horizontal air channels throughout the mattress core, dispelling heat, removing moisture, and eliminating unwanted dust mites, skin cells, and other waste products.  
The number one complaint of memory foam beds is that they sleep too hot! This is because they are simply multiple slabs of foam glued together. By methodically incorporating air channels throughout every layer of our bed, we have created a foam bed that provides all of the comfort and support benefits while maximizing breathability and cool air circulation along the way.

Body Mapping + Climate Control

Our hand-tailored Italian topper is strategically quilted to contour to your body no matter the position you sleep. It contains an internal matrix of 3D microfilaments that reduces pressure and supports your body throughout the night.  
Our textiles also create a ventilating air space within the topper. This stimulates air circulation underneath the body, which promotes the evaporation of absorbed moisture and dispels unwelcome heat in the entire sleep system.


The World's Finest Materials


From refined Italian Vitale Barberis Canonico wool and Austrian Tencel® fiber to our Swiss foam matrix and Japanese zippers, MVMNT uses only the finest materials.