modular assembly instructions

How do you flip the support layer to change firmness level?

Step 1:

Access zipper on the head of the topper. Zip all the way around "counter-clockwise."

Step 2:

Once completely zipped off, flap the topper back and remove it from bed. Place in a clean and dry place.

Step 3:

On right foot of the bed (if you are facing the bed), access the zipper under the leather sleeve. Zip around "counter-clockwise" until you reach the zipper end point.  

Step 4:

Roll top deck back to fully reveal the foam internals of the bed. Drape over a clean and dry surface.

Step 5:

On each corner of the bed, roll down the mattress cover corner until it reaches a few cm below the support layer.

Step 6:

Peel yellow comfort layer back and remove completely. If changing firmness level on both sides, remove the comfort layer on the other side as well.

Step 7:

Reach your hands into the center groove of the support layer. Gently insert fingers into air channel openings but be careful with the foam as it is delicate. Pull up, then back towards your body. Swiftly flip the support layer and make sure that the Z-channel is aligned with the contours of the foam on the base layer as it is set in place.

*The darker colored "ocean-blue" side is a soft-medium layer. Have it facing up if you prefer a softer level of firmness. The lighter colored "sea-foam green" side is a medium-firm layer. Have this side up if you prefer a more firm support.

Step 8:

Repeat Steps 1-6 in reverse to re-assemble mattress. Should you have any issues or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and we will happily guide you along the way. If you are not absolutely satisfied with your firmness configuration, let us know and we look forward to accommodating you with an alternative solution.