Our Story


We didn't sleep well, so we created a MVMNT.


Below are my sons and it’s one of the few times they are actually standing still. Skiing, soccer, lacrosse, basketball, swimming, surfing, motocross- they are constantly in motion. And I mean constantly.  

So sleep is pretty important because who do you think gets them to all of their activities? My wife and I do and believe it or not, we like to do stuff too.

And that’s where our story begins…



My wife likes to sleep hot on a cloud. I like it cool and firm. So, naturally, neither of us got what we wanted because we compromised. She wrapped herself in a down comforter in August while I spent the summer sleeping naked with a spray bottle and a fan, sinking ever deeper into a steaming cauldron of memory foam. It's sad that 50-year-old technology is still considered "cutting-edge".


"There has to be a better way" became my nightly lullaby. It didn’t put me to sleep, but at least it gave me hope.


My sleep quest began in Sweden with a $20,000 mattress made of horsehair and springs. So 1800s. I'd rather just buy the horses. Next stop was Harrod's in London. I laid on a £150,000 cashmere-topped masterpiece (tea service not included). Only problem is I'm not a Russian oligarch or a Saudi prince. On to Tokyo. I'll give it to the Japanese: I found a mattress that was genuinely breathable. But who wants a bed that looks and feels like the Top Ramen that got me through college? Who thought this would be a good idea, even with the matching Ramen pillows? Then came Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Denmark, China, Korea, and the USA. It might just be easier to tell you where I didn't look. As hard as I tried, I couldn't find ONE mattress that fit my needs.


Rather than extending my global journey to buy the right mattress, I decided to make my own. I recruited a Bad News Bears team that consisted of two college interns, an athletic shoe designer, an Italian fashionista, two MDs, a spinal specialist, and a textile guru. We started by asking what all the fuss was about with the "beds-in-a-box". One of the millennials (Mr. “I can sleep on a rock") convinced me that the "ghost" bed was the wave of the future. We ordered one, and by the second night, he refused to sleep on it anymore. Next, we tried the one with the needles, and we had trouble finding someone to take it off our hands. We decided that this race to the bottom was not our style.


So, we began our crusade to create not just a mattress, but a Sleep System that isn't about compromise. Why can't a bed combine both luxury and technical performance? Think Aston Martin or Bentley.


We hired a cutting edge industrial design firm that specialized in medical equipment and outdoor adventure gear. Their mandate? Revolutionary, not evolutionary. What does that mean? They were tasked with creating a modular, individually tunable system that does not use air bags or require an outlet. It had to have extensive air flow channels, incorporate advanced recovery technology, and surround you with all-natural fibers from the world's finest mills – because, unlike other companies that want you to stay in bed all day, we care more about what you do AFTER a great night's sleep.  


Our global search had resumed, but this time we were trying to find someone capable of realizing our vision. One of our team suggested ze Germans, another the Japanese. We eventually learned that there were only two places in the world that could deliver the level of quality and technology we required. For our covers and toppers, the artisans of Biella, Italy, at the base of the Italian Alps, and home to such storied brands as Loro Piana and Ermenegildo Zegna, were the only ones capable of hand-tailoring the luxury-oriented product we desired. And in Wolfhausen, Switzerland, a suburb of Zürich, we found the one facility with the precision equipment and technical savvy that could produce our advanced, modular structure and foam core.


A sleep system that delivers on the aspiration "Elevated Performance, Iconic Luxury". But we don't want you lounging around in our bed all day. Our goal is to maximize the recovery you get with each night's sleep, so you can wake up and do amazing things.


That’s what sets MVMNT apart.


Relentlessly Seeking Perfection


So, we journeyed to the far corners of the planet, testing endless combinations of foams, textiles, colors, and applications in our quest. Along the way, we became ever more convinced that effective sleep and recovery is a cornerstone of performance in life. And recovery demands more than just a good bed – it requires a sleep ecosystem.  


MVMNT is the world's most advanced, performance recovery sleep system.



Olympians. Surgeons. Sleepologists. PhDs. Chiropractors. Engineers. Fashion Designers.

Dr. Steven Teitelbaum | Harvard Med | UCLA Associate Clinical Professor

Steven Nyman | 3x Olympian | U. S. Downhill Ski Team

Kristen Ulmer | Author of "The Art of Fear"

Dr. Josef Gorek | Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon | Johns Hopkins Fellow | Collegiate Waterpolo National Champion

Supply Chain Transparency